Fermo S.UTF.280-330

Fermo’s durable all-stainless steel refrigerators have been designed to provide commercial catering with high technology, quality, reliability, energy, and cost-efficient refrigerated storage solutions.
Theserefrigeratorsarecapable of meeting the highest demands of commercial kitchens all around the world…,

➢ Designed to operate in 43°C ambient %65 humidity
➢ New design for equal temperature distribution
➢ Zero ODP Injected 42 kg/m³ Polyurethane Insulation
➢ Digital controller with an easy-read screen
➢ Ergonomic door and handle designed for ease of opening and cleaning ➢ FERMO refrigeration system designed to be most technologically
advanced and energy efficient yet
➢ Hot gas defrost system
➢ Waste heat recovery condensate vaporizer system
➢ All refrigerators can be produced in a marine version

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